The business benefits

Odee: A new business marketing system for advisory businesses.

The Odee Marketing System has been designed to allow you to adapt professional marketing services into your existing offer as an advisory business. This, in turn, will enable you to further help your clients grow their businesses. As your clients’ businesses grow, so too will your own business, giving you an additional and sustainable new revenue stream.


Managing all your clients marketing needs

The Odee Marketing System gives you validated tools and expert knowledge to help your clients with their marketing.

The digital dashboards, as well as the Odee support team, will give you all the knowledge you need to be in the marketing advisory driver’s seat for your clients.

Increasing your revenue stream

Build a new and exciting revenue stream for your business that complements your existing services.

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Receiving ongoing support from a professional marketing team

As an Accredited Odee Advisor, you will gain access to and be supported by a highly experienced and versatile team of expert marketers with years of industry knowledge.

You will be fully equipped to provide your clients with a strategic marketing plan to support their business goals.

Marketing data to inform business decisions

The Odee Marketing System will provide you with up to the minute data insights, putting at your fingertips all the critical information you need to better inform your clients and enable them to make better business decisions.

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