What is the Odee Marketing System?

Odee is a new business marketing system for small businesses that simplifies a proven marketing process that has been validated by nearly 20 years of successful B2B marketing across many industries. The Odee Marketing System provides all your advisory firm needs to introduce marketing to the services you currently offer your clients.

Through Odee, and depending on your business type and structure, you will quickly and easily be able to generate a 26 to 29-page marketing plan tailored specifically to each of your client’s businesses – whatever their business and industry. The Odee Marketing System uses advanced logic to generate a customised marketing plan for each of your clients.

What’s included?

Individual tailored business marketing plan

Your client will complete an online fact find questionnaire, and in a matter of minutes Odee will create a detailed marketing plan tailored specifically for their business.

Initial and monthly consultation

Each month, we will assess and discuss with you how your clients are progressing with their marketing plan, what they need to do next, and what action steps you can give them.

Digital dashboard

The Odee Marketing System gives you as an advisor, an in-depth, easy to follow digital marketing dashboard for each of your clients. Log in at any time to track their progression through their marketing plan and measure the results. Your client can also access their own personalised dashboard to track progress and receive marketing services support.

Marketing services

Your clients can also tap into our extensive in-house print production service to produce marketing collateral, as well as access digital services such as website creation.

Monthly analysis report

Each month we will generate a marketing analysis report for each of your clients, and discuss the results with you during monthly consultations.

Your own marketing team

Odee is more than just a software platform. You also get the people behind it – us! We are Sydney-based, contactable, and here to help you.

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