What is Odee?

Odee is a new marketing platform that simplifies marketing for small businesses.

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How does Odee work?

Odee uses intuitive logic to analyse your business and provide tried and tested ways to market and grow your business. Built into Odee’s DNA is the experience, data and insights gained from developing marketing plans for hundreds of businesses over 17 years.

This means Odee considers thousands of factors to determine how best to market your business before creating a customised marketing plan for you. Odee helps you make better decisions about how to grow your business.


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Odee is 100% Australian

Odee was created in Australia by marketing experts with decades of experience. The idea of Odee has been over 10 years in the making, when Managing Director Joe Papadatos was building his own marketing agency - Icon Visual Marketing.

As Joe’s business grew he noticed that small businesses lacked the resources that larger corporations had and therefore did not have access to the same technologies or data to help them make better business decisions.

Joe decided to have a go at fixing that problem and Odee was born.