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Your marketing plan is just the beginning.

Odee is growing to be a smart platform that takes the complexity out of marketing your business. Soon, you will be able to manage all your marketing from Odee's dashboard. Sign up today and be the first to gain access to new features and capabilities.

Odee - Track, assess and manage
Track, assess and manage all your marketing in one place.
Odee - Insights and benchmark data
Get insights into your industry with benchmark data from businesses like your own.
Odee - Step-by-step advice
Step-by-step advice on how to put your marketing plan into action.

Every business needs marketing, but not every business knows where to start. With Odee, you can build a marketing plan
and gain a better understanding of how to grow your business in just 30 minutes. Too easy.

What are customers saying

“Odee helped me to cut out the noise and focus my attention on marketing that actually matters.”

“Before I found Odee I was trying things out randomly, now I know where to invest my time and effort.”

“The marketing plan was a great starting point for us and helped to give us direction when we had too many options.”