A marketing system to grow your business...

and manage the growth of others!

Odee is a new marketing platform that simplifies marketing for small to medium businesses.
Developed for business advisors, Odee generates a detailed marketing plan tailored just for your business, as well as competitive analysis and access to a digital dashboard.

Odee also gives you easy access to a comprehensive suite of marketing services to grow your business and your clients’ business.

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Explore, identify and support marketing strategies for your clients

Odee is a marketing system that supports your business to provide clients with all the information and tools they need to grow.

How The Odee System works

Intuitive logic to drive business outcomes

The Odee Marketing System uses intuitive logic to analyse your client’s business and provide tried and tested ways to market and grow their business. Built into Odee’s DNA is the experience, data and insights gained from developing marketing plans for hundreds of businesses for close to 20 years.

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Empower and guide your clients to build their business through a single online system that will help them plan, manage and execute marketing activities at a local business level. Build a recurring income stream for your business in the area of professional marketing.

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